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Chapter 26: Wordlessness

So the intention of Chang Ching is right. He is a man who understands what he is saying. But I want you to understand one thing: all that has been said about truth is bound to be full of faults and flaws. This is the least faulty statement:

The ultimate truth is wordless. People of the time do not realize this: they impose the practice of other things, considering them accomplishments. They do not know that inherent nature has never been sense objects, that it is the gate of subtle wondrous great liberation.

The mystics have always condemned their contemporaries - obviously, because those were the people who were misunderstanding them. Nobody condemns the dead because nobody knows whether they understand you or misunderstand you whether they hear you or do not hear you whether they even know about you. So about the dead, nothing can be said. But with their contemporaries, the living people, all the mystics have felt this problem - that they don’t understand.

People of the time do not realize this..

Ta Hui is not very ancient; only one thousand years have passed since his times. But in the Rig Vedas, which are the ancientmost scriptures in the world, you will find the same statement: “The people of this time don’t understand.”

Gautam Buddha, two thousand five hundred years before, says the same thing. And unfortunately I have to say the same thing: the people of the time don’t understand. It seems to be consistently the situation. The mystic is destined to be misunderstood, and perhaps the same will remain the situation in future, because the whole world cannot become mystics..

One would love to have the whole world become mystics, seekers of truth, but it is hoping too much. Even the most optimistic person cannot conceive that the whole world one day will be able to understand the mysterious experience of spiritual realization.

Chang Ching is right: people of the time do not realize that the ultimate truth is wordless. They go on asking questions about it - and there are people who answer them too. There are thinkers who think about truth. That is one of the most impossible thing in the world: how can you think about truth? - either you know it or you don’t. A blind man thinking about light - what can he think? is there any possibility? He cannot even think about darkness, what to say about light.

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