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Chapter 35: Worship May Be a Worse Crucifixion

In India there is a proverb, “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam: the whole earth is a family.” Perhaps this proverb is one thousand years old. Osho, were there really people once who lived like a family? Or was it a vision of some mystic, a vision which you are going to bring to reality?

There has never been any society who has lived according to the vision of vasudhaiva kutumbakam: the whole earth is one family.”

The mystics have been, for thousands of years, talking about it, visualizing it, but unfortunately people worship the mystics but don’t allow the mystic to transform them. Worshipping is really a way of escaping from transformation; it is saying, in other words, “You are right, but it is not time for me yet. I respect you, I worship you, and I will remember what you are saying; but I cannot act accordingly right now. I am just an ordinary human being, you are a great realized soul - the distance is vast.”

Worshipping the mystics is not real respect. It is a strategy of the mind to avoid seeing the finger that is pointing towards the moon.

Man is very cunning. He can crucify somebody to get rid of him, he can worship somebody to get rid of him. Crucifixion and worshipping are not different because the basic purpose is the same: “Just leave me alone; your stupid utopia is good, I don’t have any argument against it, but you are a special being, and I am just an ordinary creature.”

To prove this fact, people have called their mystics incarnations of God, messiahs, saviors, messengers. In some way they have made them so far away, they have created such a distance between themselves and the mystics, that the vision of the mystic remained a vision. It is impossible with this approach to make it a reality.

The first step to make such a grand vision a reality, is to realize that the mystic is just as ordinary a human being as you are. If he has realized himself, you can also realize yourself. What has become actual in him, is potential in you. What has blossomed in him, is just a seed in you. But between the seed and the flower there is no distance at all. The seed is already on the way, making every effort to become a flower.

But there have been two reasons denying this simple fact. One was that the masses wanted the distance; and the other was that it fulfilled the egos of many who were not really mystics, who were simply pretenders.

To say, yourself, that you are sent by God, is such a lie - because God is a lie, and now you are making that lie even more destructive by saying that you are a messenger, that you are a prophet. It fulfilled the egos of those who were not really realized people, so they never made any effort to destroy the distance. On the contrary, they emphasized that it was true - what was possible for them was impossible for you.

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