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Chapter 8: The Conspiracy of the Mystics

“Just go back to your old master. If he cannot improve you, I cannot do anything. In fact when I fail with people I send them to your monastery - this is our agreement. We quarrel, we contradict each other - this is our joy. All these contradictions and arguments and philosophical controversies, we enjoy; and those who understand it, they also enjoy.

“It is just like an old story: two sweet-makers started fighting, throwing sweets at each other, and the whole road was filled with the crowd and people were enjoying the sweets. And they were encouraging both: ‘You did well! Hit him well!’ - both sides. But people were enjoying sweets.

“We have been throwing sweets,” the old man said. “Those who understand, enjoy; those who don’t understand, they think we are enemies. We were disciples of one master. It is that master who was responsible for creating this strange device of opening monasteries against each other. He said, ‘Some fools will join you, some fools will join the other; but don’t leave anyone out - divide. Those who are against one will go to the other; those who are against the other will come to you.’ This is our great master’s device that we are following.

“But I will not take you in, you belong to him. And he has been so compassionate that it will be ugly of me to accept you.”

Mystics have their own way. The ordinary masses cannot understand. Mystics even speak against each other for the benefit of the poor and the mediocre who cannot understand it in any other way. They can only understand something controversial. And for centuries mystics have done that.

It is only in this century that humanity is so intellectually poor that you don’t have mystics who are in a deep, loving conspiracy against you - to bring you to life, to love, to laughter.