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Chapter 40: In You Are Hidden All Men

Perhaps this is the reason why everybody goes on seeking God, and yet never meets him. Perhaps everybody knows the house where he is, so they only avoid that house - and the whole universe is there to seek and search. Or perhaps God understands that he has to remain a search, an inquiry, a quest, and is never to become an experience.

Just as on your side you are avoiding the house. Perhaps God does not live in that house either, afraid that someday some idiot may knock, some policeman may issue a warrant of inquiry; and the police officers with their guns will make their way, forcibly, into the house of God. But I say unto you, they will not find him there. Not only are you escaping from him, God is also escaping from you because he is also afraid. The meeting is going to be a great embarrassment. Neither have you anything to say, nor has he anything to say. Are you going to talk about the weather?

Have you ever given it a single thought? - that the very idea of God as a person is nonsense. There is no God as a person anywhere, and all these temples and all these mosques and synagogues and churches are empty. Manufactured by crafty priests, they don’t have anything to do with religion.

Kahlil Gibran is right when he says, Your daily life is your temple. To accept this simple fact that your daily life is your temple and your religion - just the understanding of this simple fact is going to become a great transformation. Then you cannot do many things you have always been doing because the sacred land is everywhere, and every moment you are dealing with God.

You cannot cheat your customers. You cannot be possessive of your children - because they are closer to God than you are. Their innocence is a bridge, your knowledge is a wall, a China wall; you can only be respectful to the children. You cannot act in the old way, because you are always acting inside the temple and each of your acts is a prayer. In each moment you are surrounded by God. His presence will be felt even in your wife, in your husband, in your friend, in your enemy - because except him nobody else exists.

To make the whole of life a temple, and the whole of life a religion, is the only way of the real seeker.

He does not go to look into the holy books. Books are books; no book is holy and no book is unholy. Read them if you enjoy the poetry, read them if you enjoy their prose, read them if you enjoy their mythologies - but remember, no book can deliver you a taste of religion.

Yes, a flower may be able to do it, a bird on the wing may be able to do it, a tree rising high and dancing in the sun may be able to do it. The whole existence becomes your holy book: read it, listen to it, and slowly, slowly, you will become aware that you are surrounded by an energy of which you have been completely unconscious.

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