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Chapter 6: The Psychology of Dreams

Now for the fourth body there is no time, because past is as much present as future is present. So the distinction loses meaning. Past, future and present: they become one. Everything becomes a now: now penetrating backwards, now penetrating forwards. There is no past and no future, but still there is time. Time as “present” is still a flowing of time. Still, you will have to focus your mind. You can see toward the past, but this will be a focus, and the future and the present will be in abeyance. They will not be before you. When you focus toward the future, the other two will be absent. There will be a sequence. You cannot see the whole as one. Time will be, but no past, present and future as such. And this will be your individual dreaming state.

The fifth body crosses the realm of the individual - the spiritual body. It crosses the realm of time. Now you are in eternity and the dreams have another realm, another dimension. This dimension is not concerned with you as such, but with consciousness as such. It becomes collective as far as consciousness is concerned. Now you know the whole past of consciousness, but not the future; the whole past of consciousness.

Through this fifth body, all the myths of creation have been developed. Through this fifth dreaming.the myths of creation. They are all the same. Symbols differ, stories differ a bit, but in the Christian or Hindu or Jewish or Egyptian traditions, the myth of creation - how the world was created, how it came into existence - they all have a parallel similarity: an undercurrent of similarity then in all of them. Through this fifth mind and through its dreaming, this glimpse - through this dreaming, this glimpse. These stories of the great flood.all over the world! No one has “known” them, they are prehistoric. There is no record of them. But still there is a record and that record belongs to the fifth mind, the spiritual body. That mind can dream about them.

And the more you penetrate inward, the dream becomes nearer and nearer to reality. The physiological dreaming is not so real. It has got its reality, but not so real. The etheric dreaming is much more real, the astral is still much more, the mental approximates the real, and in the fifth body you become authentically realistic in your dreaming. Now there is a way of knowing reality. Still to call it “dreaming” is not adequate, but it is dreaming because the real is not present objectively. It comes as subjective experience, but it has got its own objectivity.

Two persons who have realized the fifth body can dream simultaneously, which is not possible up to the fourth. You will dream privately, I will dream privately, and there is no way of dreaming a common dream. We cannot be communal in a dream up to the fourth, but from the fifth body a dream can be dreamed by so many people simultaneously. That’s how they become in a way objective. We can compare our dreams in the fifth; we can compare our notes. And that’s how so many people dreamed into the fifth body and all came to the same certain myths. These myths were not created by single individuals - the myths of creation, the great flood, etcetera. They were created by particular schools, particular traditions, particular groups working together.

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