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Chapter 5: The Fragrance of Nothingness

In dream you are suffering, and when you are suffering in a dream, it is so real. And you are searching: “Why am I suffering?” And then you come across a great sage - in the dream - and the sage says, “You are suffering because you are desiring. You are so much infatuated with money; that’s why you are suffering. Drop this desire and the suffering will disappear.” You understand it, it is very logical. You know it, you have experienced it yourself that whenever you desire, suffering comes. The more desire is there, the more suffering. The greater the desire the bigger the suffering. You understand it. Then you ask, “Then how to stop it?” And the great sage says, “You stand on your head, you do yoga, you do chaotic meditation, you do Kundalini, you do Nadabrahma, you do encounter group and you do leela and you do primal therapy and all.” The great sage says, “You do these things; these will help. You will become more understanding of your desire, and you will be able to drop the desire.”

So the sage gives you a well-formulated eightfold path. He says, “This is the way.” One day, when you will really be awake.. And remember, these things help you to awake. Now even if you stand on your head in a dream there is a possibility your dream will be broken. Try! Try tonight! When you are in a dream, just stand on your head in the dream, and suddenly you will see that you are awake. Do Kundalini in a dream - you will be awake. And if you are not, at least your husband will be awake, the neighbors will be awake, something is going to happen.

All methods are just to wake you. But when you are awake..

Therefore, Sariputra.

And now Buddha can say this to Sariputra; he is awake. He can say, “Now I can tell you the truth - that nobody exists, neither the disciple nor the master, nor the dream, nor the suffering, nor the sage, nor the cause, nor the stopping. There is no path.”

This is the ultimate statement of truth.

But this can be made only at the highest stage, at the seventh rung of the ladder. Sariputra reached to that rung on this day. That’s why “therefore’.Tasmat Sariputra.

Enough for today.