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Chapter 46: Doors to the Mysterious

You will not believe that a few days ago thirty police officers attacked a homosexual club in the middle of the night, and they were all wearing rubber gloves. When the news was published that all thirty police officers were wearing gloves, the head of the police department denied it. But there were photographs, and finally he had to take back his denial. He said, “They were wearing gloves to protect themselves from hepatitis.” This is something absolutely new; nobody has ever heard that you can protect yourself from hepatitis by wearing gloves. What can gloves do? Hepatitis cannot be prevented by gloves! Certainly, those thirty police officers were also involved in homosexuality; that attack on the homosexual club was just an excuse to enter there.

It is very strange that man is never ready to understand a truth when it is time to do something. By the time he recognizes it, it is too late.

Now, at the moment of departure, when Almustafa is standing on the deck of his ship, people are ready to listen to him. He was amongst them for twelve years. Nobody even bothered about what this strange man was carrying within his heart; nobody allowed him to be part of the city of Orphalese. He remained there for twelve years, but he was a stranger.

In America, when my commune of sannyasins was destroyed, I was talking to the jailer where I was confined for three days. He was a beautiful man. He was not part of the conspiracy. In fact, they had put me in another jail which was part of the conspiracy, and I insisted in the court, “Change the jail! I won’t bother about getting bailed out or not, but I cannot be in that jail. You have two jails in the city; I choose the other jail, because in the first jail they have not even given me a pillow, or a blanket; they have not even provided me with something to spread on a steel bench - a naked steel bench.” I had been sitting the whole night, and whenever I asked them they said, “We don’t have any pillows, we don’t have any blanket.” I said, “That jail seems to be part of the conspiracy. Shift me to the other jail.”

They were not thinking of this, so they had not been able to pressurize the other jailer beforehand; it was sudden. I was transferred to the other jail, and the jailer told me, “I know you are innocent, I have heard the whole proceedings. There is no reason at all to arrest you, but unfortunately you are a stranger here. That is your only crime.”

I asked him, as we became more and more friendly, “How long you have been in America? - three generations, four generations? How long has Ronald Reagan been in America - two generations, three generations? - because America is not even three hundred years old. You are as much a stranger as I am. In fact, you are more of a stranger, naturally, because you have been here longer; you have been a stranger for one hundred years, I have been a stranger only for three years. It is simple arithmetic.”

He laughed, he said, “That’s right.”

But they have destroyed the Native Americans, and forced them into certain concentration camps, into jails, into jungles - they call them reservations. Those people can live only in the reservations. They are the real owners of America, they are the only Americans; and the people who are pretending to be Americans, none of them is American. They have come from all the countries of Europe - somebody is from Spain, somebody is from Portugal, somebody is from England, somebody is from Italy, somebody is from Germany. They are all foreigners.

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