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Chapter 15: No Question Means the Answer

“Smiled on me!” exclaimed Murphy. “He laughed out loud!”

One friend met Murphy at the station. “Where are you going?” the friend asked.

“To Paris, for my honeymoon,” said Murphy.

“Without your wife?”

“Listen, when you go to Munich, do you take beer with you?”

One Sunday morning the preacher was ill and could not come to the church to perform his duties, so Murphy was doing his work. He was urging his congregation to sing.

“Now is the opportunity for all of you gifted with wonderful voices to show your gratitude towards the Lord. And for all of you without good voices, this is the time to get even with him!”

Murphy came home an hour earlier than usual and found his wife stark naked in bed. When he asked why, she explained, “I am protesting because I don’t have anything to wear.”

Murphy pulled open the closet door. “That’s ridiculous,” he said, “Look in here. There is a yellow dress, a red dress, a print dress, a pant suit.Hi Chris!.a green dress..”

And the last: The son was sitting at the bedside of the elderly gentleman, Murphy, who was dying. “Where do you want to be buried,” the kid asked, “in Forest Lawn or Hillside Memorial Park?”

The old man creaked up on his elbow and answered, “Surprise me!”

Enough for today.