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Chapter 5: Can a Circle Be More Circular?

Baso said to his master, Nangaku,
“The way is formless. How can we see it well?”
Nangaku answered, “It is like the eye of the law,
possessed by the ground of mind,
seeing clearly the way, the samadhi of no-form.”
Baso said, “Can it progress or decay?”
Nangaku replied, “If it is seen as progressing and decaying,
becoming firm and dispersing, it is not seen.”

Another master, Enkei, was asked by a monk,
“It is said that if we see the form of things, we see the mind.
If we take a lantern as form, what is the mind?”
Enkei said, “You don’t understand the meaning of the ancients.”
The monk asked, “What is the meaning of the ancients?”
Enkei said, “The lantern is the mind.”

In another incident, the master, Hogen,
pointed to some bamboos, and said to a monk, “Do you see them?”
“I see them,” replied the monk.
“Do they come to the eye,
or does the eye go to them?” asked Hogen.
“I have no idea at all,” said the monk.
Hogen gave up and went away.

Vimal, the first thing you have to understand is that by becoming a dangerous, ferocious animal you gave a migraine to poor Maneesha. Remember it always: falling below humanity and then sitting behind a poor girl.! It is fortunate that she is still alive. You have done everything to kill her.

You were dancing with her as a gorilla. And I had left this place, just because I did not want to see a gorilla’s dance. And you see the result now? Be ashamed and give your gorilla dress to Sardar Gurudayal Singh! It does not suit you. It will suit Sardar Gurudayal Singh anywhere. He can go into the city and freak people out - he does it anyway! But in a gorilla dress, and with his laughter(

Sardar Gurudayal Singh!

[His loud laughter is heard from the back of the hall.]

Take that gorilla dress from Vimal tomorrow. And when the dress reaches you, Maneesha’s migraine will disappear. It is not a migraine, it is simply fear that - who knows? - the gorilla may be sitting behind her again.

You have asked, Vimal:

Baso said to his master, Nangaku,
“The way is formless. How can we see it well?”

The question is very logical and rational. If the way is formless, obviously you cannot see it. To see anything, that thing has to be objective, with a form. If it has no form, if it is infinite, how can you see it?

Baso in his own right later on proved to be one of the greatest masters, but even while he was a disciple of his master Nangaku, his questions were immensely important. “The way is formless.” That’s what Buddha has said - there is every support for his question. And now he is asking Nangaku, “How can we see it well?”

But Nangaku was not in any way a smaller master.

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