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Chapter 3: God Is Just like Tomorrow

On one occasion Seigen commented to Sekito, “Some say that an intelligence comes from the south of the Ling.”
Sekito said, “There is no such intelligence from anybody.”
Seigen said, “If not, whence are all those sutras of the tripitaka?”
Sekito said, “They all come out of here, and there is nothing wanting.”

On Seigen’s death, Sekito went to Mount Nangaku. Finding a large, flat rock, he built a hut, and from thenceforward came to be known as “Stonehead,” and later, when he was a master, as “Stonehead Osho.”
Hearing of Sekito living on a rock, the master, Nangaku, sent a young monk to him, saying, “Go to the east and examine in detail the monk sitting on the stone-head. If he is the monk who came the other day, address him. And if he replies, you recite to him the following song, ‘You are sitting so proudly on the stone, it is better to come to me.’“
The attendant monk went to Sekito and recited this song. Sekito replied, “Even if you cried tears of sorrow, I would never ever cross over the hills.”
The monk came back and made a report to Nangaku. Nangaku said, “This monk will surely make the mouth of the people tremble for generations.”

Friends, a few questions from the sannyasins. The first question:

My deepest pain is that of being an outsider, that I don’t belong here in this life, that I am essentially wrong, and death is just waiting to claim me unmercifully. That sense of belonging here, of valuing myself and being valued by existence, and thus letting myself live and celebrate fully eludes me. Is this feeling the result of God-oriented religions?

The God-oriented religions are bound to create such a feeling. It is absolutely, necessarily so, because they are giving you lies as consolations.

As man has gone beyond his primitive states of consciousness - he is more intelligent today - he can see the myth of God. He had lived with the lie as if it were the truth, and he was content. But now that he is intelligent and he can see the falsity of the whole religious lie, a great problem arises for him. God is dead, his consolation is destroyed. He feels utterly empty, he has no relationship with existence.

God used to be the fulfillment of one’s life, somebody who was caring, somebody who was forgiving, somebody who was compassionate. There being no God, suddenly you feel yourself an outsider from existence. But this is a good beginning, don’t take it wrongly.

Every lie taken away will leave, for some time, an empty space. You can use this empty space to become miserable. Misery will fill it: you can make this space anguish, anxiety, suffering, pain. But it is up to you. You can make this empty space a new beginning, a new door: God is dead, now you have to search for truth on your own; nobody can give it to you. This emptiness should become a door going inwards.

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