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Chapter 36: And If the Song Bursts Forth.

So if tears are there, they will have a beauty; they themselves will have a song. You need not impose any song on them, they themselves will be out of joy, out of fulfillment - not out of sadness, failure. And if the song bursts forth, it is not against tears, despair; it is simply the expression of your joy.not against anything, not for anything. It is simply the flowering of your own being; hence I call it existential.

Positive thinking has led America into a very wrong path; it had made people hypocrites. It is the most influential philosophy in America, and in fact, it is not even a philosophy, it is just rubbish. It does not understand the psychology of man, it is not grounded in the findings of psychology; it is not grounded in the deeper findings of meditation. It is simply giving people hope - people who are losing all hope. It is giving people ambition.

The poor man thinks that if he goes on thinking, then suddenly out of the blue, a Cadillac will appear in his porch - although right now he has no porch. First he has to think of a porch! Positive thinking will create a porch, then positive thinking will bring a Cadillac. And even if it happens, please don’t sit in such a car; it is dangerous. There is no car, and there is no porch - that man is hallucinating. He is not in his senses.

Everything has to be earned. There is a famous book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, and his whole emphasis is that if you think really hard, you will become rich. Millions of copies have been sold because he is a good writer, one of the best that America has produced. He writes well, convincingly.

But I have told you before that when his book was first published, he was at the bookstall so that the publisher could introduce him to the customers, and he could put his signature on the books. And it happened that Henry Ford just came in - he was looking at books, he loved books - and he inquired, “What is happening? What is this man doing?”

He found out that this was Napoleon Hill, a great writer, and his new book was just published. “He will be very happy to be introduced to you.” So Henry Ford went to him. The publisher introduced Napoleon Hill, saying, “He has written this book, Think and Grow Rich.”

Henry Ford looked at the cover, at the title, and asked Napoleon Hill, “Have you come in your own car, or in a public bus?”

It seemed so irrelevant, but when Henry Ford was asking, Napoleon Hill had to say, “Yes, I have come in a public bus.”

Henry Ford returned the book and told him, “When you have thought enough about a beautiful car and it appears in your porch, then bring this book to me. I am Henry Ford - I don’t need this book. I know you cannot grow rich by thinking. You can cheat poor people by this book. Everybody wants to become rich, so the book will sell well, and perhaps by the book sales you may become rich, and you may purchase a car. But remember, that is not the condition. I will accept the book if the car appears by your thinking.”

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