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Chapter 4: I Am a Spiritual Terrorist

In Russia that incentive has disappeared. As the years went on, people saw that instead of becoming rich they were as poor as ever. Because Russia was not a capitalist country, there was no capital to be distributed - only poverty to be distributed. There were a few landlords, and their property was taken. Their property was the land, but that land was not given to the poor because of the communist ideology. Everything had to be centralized; nobody had anything private.

People saw that their poverty was the same, and they could not adjust to the new phase. Their minds were hankering to be better than others, to be more successful, to be richer - and that possibility had disappeared. Now what is the point of working hard? Now there were vast lands belonging to the state, running for miles on. It was a beautiful phenomenon.not small patches, pieces of land which go on being divided every generation into even smaller pieces.

You can see it in India. If the father has five acres and five sons, each son will have one acre of land. And then the son will have his own sons. Then that one acre of land will be divided again into as many sons as he has. Such small patches of land that they cannot nourish you, and you cannot use tractors, new technology on those small patches of land. You don’t have the means; neither is the land big enough to use bigger machines, more chemicals. The poor go on becoming poorer.

Private property will certainly bring an incentive. People will work hard. But all people are not equal as far as working hard is concerned. Those who are able to work hard will become richer, and those who are not able to work that hard will become even poorer than they are now.

This was the whole program to dissolve the classes, and Gorbachev is bringing those classes back. Soon.just now he has dropped the word communism; he is no longer mentioning the word communism at all. He is talking about socialism, and has started talking about whether to call it capitalist socialism or socialist capitalism. Whatever you call it, it is capitalism! Socialism is just a word to deceive the masses.

Gorbachev is going against all the basic principles of communism. First he is talking about patriotism - communism is absolutely against nations and patriotism. Its whole idea is to dissolve all nations into one humanity; it was from its very foundation an international movement. Now Gorbachev is talking about patriotism, nationalism.

He is also talking about decentralization, which is against the foundation of all communism. Decentralization is an idea of Gandhism. Soon Gorbachev will be having, just like Morarji Desai, a spinning wheel! Decentralization means you cannot use modern technology; modern technology can be used only in a centralized world where the fields are miles and miles long. But if you decentralize and divide the land back again to the same people from whom it has been taken.They were poor then and they will be poor again, far poorer than they are now.

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