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Chapter 23: To Be Natural Is the Only Virtue

If hate is there, accept it. If there is no love, accept that there is no love. Things that are, people go on pretending they are not, and things that are not, people go on thinking they are. That’s how we become divided. Acceptance means that you will automatically become one. When you accept yourself however you are, there is no division. There is nobody standing inside you condemning you; there is no top dog and underdog.

These things are natural and you cannot drop them so easily. The only easy way is to hide them, to pretend that they are not. You can keep them in the background so you don’t see them, and then by and by you forget them. But they remain part of you, and they go on influencing you. Your whole life, by and by, will be in the hands of the unconscious, and you will become a slave, a puppet.

Accept, so that you need not keep any dark corner, and you can move into your basement of being. You can look at everything because you don’t have any condemnation. Once you accept, you become one. The constant conflict disappears, and you simply become natural.

Remember, to be natural is the only virtue. There is none other but this.