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Chapter 11: The Dewdrop Has Disappeared into the Ocean

They always had known that something was wrong with Bernard Shaw, but now it was perfectly proved that this man was going crazy. What is the point of going into small villages and visiting cemeteries, and reading the inscriptions in the cemeteries, and collecting notes?

Finally he decided to change his residence from London to a small village. His friends asked, “What is the reason? You are a man of literature, of culture; London is your milieu. What are you going to do in that stupid village?”

He said, “That is the only village I am going to live in, because in that village cemetery I have found that people have lived one hundred and ten years, one hundred and twenty years, one hundred and thirty years. And still the inscription is that the man died untimely. One hundred and thirty years, and the man died untimely!

“That village has the right psychology. I am going to that village, and I am going to visit the cemetery every day. Now that is my university, and I have to read those inscriptions on the graves to convince myself that seventy is not the end.” And he lived almost one century.

Now the people who are working on human engineering say that man can easily live for three hundred years, without any difficulty and without any old age. Just his psychology has to be changed, his conditioning has to be changed. And there are more daring scientists who say that if we can change the program in the basic human cells - which can be done, now we are capable of doing it - then we can make man live as long as he wants.

One of my sannyasins here has written a letter to me that he is very confused. He is a scientist, and he works in a scientific lab where artificial human organs are made - hands, legs, liver, heart - all human parts. His confusion is “whether I am going against nature, because the factory-produced heart is not as good as the natural heart. Am I doing something wrong by being in this profession, by creating artificial hands?”

His confusion is absolutely unfounded. Remember, nature has given you intelligence, and the function of intelligence is to improve upon nature. It is just the beginning.

If your artificial limbs are not so good as the natural ones, don’t be worried: within a few years your artificial limbs will be better than the natural ones, because natural limbs are created by blind biology and your limbs will be created by conscious intelligence. And that conscious intelligence is part of nature, so you are not doing anything against nature.

Yes, those who are preaching celibacy are against nature. Those who are preaching against birth control methods are against nature. Those who are making nuclear bombs are against nature. They are all destructive - your work is creative. If your limbs are not yet superior to natural limbs, make more effort, put in more energy. It is just a question of bringing more intelligence into your work.

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