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Chapter 8: Forward to Supernature

And in the morning it really happened.. Everybody thought, “Early, in the darkness before the sun rises, just one bucket of water in the millions of buckets of milk will be lost. Who will be able to figure it out? And anyway, I cannot be caught because it is very difficult to see the difference between water and milk when they have mixed with each other.”

But human minds think in the same way.. Everybody had the same idea, why waste one bucket of milk?

A few were so cunning they even went without water, just buckets, so that everybody would know they were going, and in the dark they would pour nothing, just come back home.

When the sun was rising, the king and Birbal came to see, because it must be a scene: a lake of pure milk. There was no lake of pure milk; it was just water. Moreover it was not completely filled because many cheated - in fact everybody cheated.

Birbal said, “Now you know why I laughed.! When you were saying that, the same idea arose in my mind that in the millions of people of the capital.it is going to happen that the lake would be of water. If it is pure water, thank God!”

I told Karpatri, “The God in which you believe, I cannot believe simply for the reason that if he was a little saner, only one sperm, a good sperm, a Rabindranath Tagore, would have been the right thing.”

What is the need for so many idiots, the crowd, Adolf Hitler and Ronald Reagan.? These are all God-created; these are not natural. What is natural? And when man creates something, why do you call it unnatural?

Man is nothing but an extension of life energy. If you say a flower is natural, then the invention of a man is the flower of his genius.

There is no question of being unnatural about genetics. The fear I can understand. But every new thing creates fear, and once you become accustomed, you completely forget that there was a day when it was a new thing. Do you know that when electricity was invented nobody was ready to have an electric lamp? Who knows, it may burst and put the whole house on fire. Now you are not afraid.

You will be surprised to know that even at the beginning of this century there was a case in an American court against a man who wanted to make a bathroom attached to his sleeping room. It was a new idea, unnatural! The bathroom and the latrines have to be in the backyard, far away.and Indians are even more natural!

In my childhood I used to insist, “Make a bathroom in the house.” And everybody tried to convince me that it is healthy and natural to go out by the side of the river, in the open air, under the open sky, the sun shining.”Why do you insist on an attached bathroom? Are you mad? And the river is flowing.”

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