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Chapter 10: Meditation: The Soul of Devotion

It will help you to understand this rightly. For you there has been only the heat of the world, and now I have also given you the coolness of sannyas. Walk in this heat whenever you have the strength, and when you get tired, then rest in the shade. I have not taken away your world, I have given you meditation. I don’t take anything away from you, I have given you something. Hence, you have even more possibilities to experience. If you had remained only in the world then you would have had only the experiences of the world - now you will also have the experiences of sannyas. And when you become free of both, only then will you be a real sannyasin.

In your mind you still think sannyas is against your world, howsoever much I may tell you otherwise. Yet it is difficult for you to understand that both the light and the darkness are the play of the same sun. The shade feels pleasant, the heat feels unpleasant, but in the winter the heat feels pleasant and the shade feels unpleasant. You can understand this, that light and shade are two things, but you cannot understand that they are the play of the one sun. Heat is born out of it, shade is also born out of it. Remember, the day that light disappears from the world, simultaneously the darkness will also disappear. Darkness cannot be without light. Night cannot be without the day. Evening cannot be without the morning. Death cannot be without birth. How can there be an old age without first being young? Both are connected, the same energy is moving in both. The first thing to be understood is that the world is heat and only heat, worry and more worries, tension and more tensions and slowly, slowly this has become your nature.

Mulla Nasruddin went into a studio to have his photograph taken. When he sat down for his picture the photographer said, “Sir, please drop your tension, your worry and uneasiness, this dead appearance, this sadness for a moment. Afterwards you can go back to your natural state. Let me take the photograph, then you can go back to your natural state.”

The unnatural has become natural. Worry should be an unnatural phenomenon, peace should be natural. It can be understood if restlessness happens in some situations, but this restlessness should not become your lifestyle. But one who remains only in the world of worries, tensions, thoughts, problems, complexities, future plans, failures, struggle, competition, opposition, jealousy, envy, greed, desire, anger - slowly, slowly he will forget that there are also moments of joy.

So if I give you the shade by taking away your heat then this shade will be incomplete, because a deep experience of shade happens only when you return from the heat tired and exhausted. If you remain sitting in the shade, then even the shade will not be a relief. When you return home tired and exhausted, then even a hut feels like a palace. That’s why I say to you, don’t run away from the world. Yes, try to create the shade of meditation so that whenever you get tired you can immerse yourself in meditation. When you return restless and worried, then you will be able to rest under the roof of meditation.

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