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Chapter 1: The Ultimate Experience

Remember this that beauty is of truth, authenticity. Become more authentic and you will have a flowering. And the more authentic you become, by and by you will feel many things are falling away of their own accord. You never made any effort to do it; they are falling of their own accord. And once you know the knack of it, then you become more and more loose, more and more natural, authentic.

And, says Tilopa:

.one can break the yoke - thus gaining liberation.

The liberation is not very far away; it is hidden just behind you. Once you are authentic and the door is open.but you are such a liar, you are such a pretender, you are such a hypocrite, you are so deeply false; that’s why you feel that the liberation is very, very far away. It is not! For an authentic being, liberation is just natural. It is as natural as anything.

As water flows toward the ocean, as vapor rises toward the sky, as the sun is hot and the moon is cool, so for an authentic being, is liberation. It is nothing to be bragged about. It is nothing you have to tell people that you have gained something.

When Lin Chi was asked, “What has happened to you? People say that you have become enlightened,” he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Happened? Nothing. I cut wood in the forest, and carry water to the ashram - carry water from the well, cut wood because the winter is approaching.” He shrugged his shoulders, a very meaningful gesture.

He is saying, “Nothing has happened. What nonsense you are asking! It is natural: carrying water from the well, cutting wood in the forest. Life is absolutely natural.”

Says Lin Chi, “When I feel sleepy, I go to sleep; and when I feel hungry, I eat. Life has become absolutely natural.”

Liberation is you being perfectly natural. Liberation is not something to be bragged about, that you have attained something very great. It is nothing great; it is nothing extraordinary. It is just being natural, just being yourself.