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Chapter 9: Not Two

When you really accept, in that attitude of suchness there is no grudge, you are not helpless. You simply understand that this is the nature of things. For example, if I want to go out of this room I will go out through the door, not through the wall, because to enter through the wall will be just hitting my head against it; it is simply foolish. This is the nature of the wall, to hinder, so you don’t try to pass through it! This is the nature of the door: that you pass through it. Because the door is empty, you can pass through it.

When a buddha accepts, he accepts things like wall and door. He passes through the door; he says that is the only way. First you try to pass through the wall, and you wound yourself in many millions of ways. And when you cannot get out - crushed, defeated, depressed, fallen - then you crawl towards the door. You could have gone through the door in the first place. Why did you try and start fighting with the wall?

If you can look at things with a clarity, you simply don’t do things like this - trying to make a door out of a wall. If love disappears, it has disappeared! Now there is a wall: don’t try to go through it. Now the door is no longer there; the heart is no longer there, the heart has opened to somebody else. And you are not alone here; there are others also.

The door is no longer for you, it has become a wall. Don’t try, and don’t knock your head on it. You will be wounded unnecessarily. And wounded, defeated, even the door will not be such a beautiful thing to pass through.

Simply look at things. If something is natural, don’t try to force any unnatural thing on it. Choose the door - be out of it. Every day you are doing the foolishness of passing through the wall. Then you become tense, and then you feel continuous confusion. Anguish becomes your very life, the core of it - and then you ask for a meditation.

But why in the first place? Why not look at the facts as they are? Why can’t you look at the facts? - because your wishes are too much there. You go on hoping against all hope. That’s why you have become so hopeless a case.

Just look: whenever there is a situation, don’t desire anything, because desire will lead you astray. Don’t wish and don’t imagine. Simply look at the fact with your total consciousness available and suddenly a door opens and you never move through the wall, you move through the door, unscratched. Then you remain unloaded.

Remember, suchness is an understanding, not a helpless fate. That’s the difference. There are people who believe in fate, destiny. They say, “What can you do? God has willed it in such a way. My young child has died, so it is God’s will and this is my fate. It was written, it was going to happen.” But deep down there is rejection. These are just tricks to polish the rejection. Do you know God? Do you know fate? Do you know it was written? No, these are rationalizations, how you console yourself.

The attitude of suchness is not a fatalist attitude. It does not bring in a God, or a fate, or a destiny - nothing. It says: simply look at things. Simply look at the facticity of things, understand, and there is a door, there is always a door. You transcend.

Suchness means acceptance with a total, welcoming heart, not in helplessness.

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