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Chapter 4: Hatha Yoga and Hypnosis

Hatha yoga does not take this into account, because in former times a suppressed mind and suppressive attitude were not prevalent, particularly in India. In those days, India was one of the least suppressive countries. Now, that is not so. And in the West, Christianity has caused so much suppression that everybody is crippled inside. These suppressions in the body have to be released first, otherwise you start out with a body that is not right, not natural, and many unnecessary problems may be created by it. That is why something totally unknown to hatha yoga has to be introduced now: the body must go through a catharsis first. To bring about this catharsis, a totally new science will be needed, because this suppression is something new.

For example, if you have suppressed sex a lot, then the kundalini cannot move up. It is blocked. The whole structure from where the kundalini can move up is simply blocked, blocked by the suppressed sexual energy. Or, if you have indulged too much in sex, then you have no energy left to move upward. These are the two problems: either you have a suppressed mind and the energy has become blocked or you have indulged too much so that no energy is left to move within you. You are not in a natural state, your energy is not balanced, it is not a natural flow. That comes from either suppressing or indulging. With balanced energy, hatha yoga can be used very easily, but otherwise it creates problems.

Another thing is that all these hatha yoga techniques were developed for use in monasteries. They are monastic techniques intended for people who are totally involved in them for twenty-four hours a day, not doing anything else. Then too, you have to work with them for a very long period, for years. If hatha yoga is taught to a person who is not totally involved in it - who only comes to do hatha yoga once or twice, or even for an hour a day, but who is involved for twenty-three hours a day in quite a different world, a work that is quite the contrary - it is not going to help much. Whatsoever you have gained is lost every day. The very method is a monastic method.

Now we have to develop methods, non-monastic methods, which will not be undone by the rest of the activities in your life.

This is a problem; this is one of the most significant problems for those who are interested in yoga. In India, people just go on in their traditional way. They have tradition, so they follow it without thinking of whether something has to be changed or something new has to be added The whole world has become so different now that hatha yoga techniques are irrelevant in many ways. But they go on being taught because they have become traditional.

India invented many things, but after a certain period the discovering stopped. It happens so many times. Now the same thing is happening in the West, particularly in America. In America, technology has become so developed that now it can change everything. But because the changes are happening so fast, people are beginning to be against technology. Whenever something comes to a peak, it becomes threatening to many of the traditional values and a dialectical process develops in the same society. Many people begin to oppose continued progress. In America, the new generation is moving more and more against technology. If this opposition continues, as it is bound to, technological progress will stop and no further technological discoveries will be made. Then the mind will become static.

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