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Chapter 13: The Science of the Esoteric

If a woman nags her husband, harasses him, dominates him, the husband never thinks of consulting a doctor. He prefers rather to bring her to a holy man, for him to counsel her. The fact is, the holy man is the least responsible in this matter, he has nothing to do with it. There is no question of anyone counseling the woman. She needs hormones which can make her more feminine. Such hormones can be given - there is no problem in it. If a man shows feminine tendencies and his wife no longer finds him interesting, there is no reason to be upset or miserable. He needs the same kind of treatment as is required in any other situation.

Once the subtle body is out, it can’t enter and adjust back fully into the physical body. The adjustment and harmony between the two is disrupted forever. This is the reason why the yogis have always been ill and have been dying at an early age. How can we prepare ourselves so that the disharmony may be avoided? Can the possibilities of illness be minimized? How is this possible?

In this respect too, the first thing is: the moment the subtle body goes out of the physical body, the natural order is bound to be disrupted. The phenomenon is not natural; one should say it is beyond nature, it is transcendental to nature. Whenever a phenomenon occurs which is contrary to nature, or which is beyond nature, the harmony and adjustment of nature becomes disorderly. A great deal of preparation is needed if one wants to save oneself from such a disorderly state. Various yogasanas - yoga postures - and mudras are very helpful in this respect. In fact all the techniques of Hatha Yoga are useful in this direction. So you need an extraordinary body, an ordinary body won’t do. You need your body to be made of steel so that it can withstand a phenomenon of such great magnitude, which is beyond nature.

For example, there was no fundamental difference between the body of Ramamurti and any other human body, but he had mastered a few tricks. We see that trick working every day, but it never strikes us. You see a tire; when inflated it carries the heavy weight of a car. Take out some air and the car will not move. The air has to be in a particular proportion for the tire to carry that much weight.

Through a special technique of pranayama one can fill the lungs with so much air that the body can hold the weight of an elephant. The chest functions exactly like a tire, like a tube. In order to withstand the weight of an elephant, if one knows the proportion, the volume of air required in the chest, then there is no problem. Ramamurti had the same kind of lungs as we do.

The tube inside the tire is not made of any hard steel, it doesn’t have any strength. The tube’s only use is that it takes in its volume a specific amount of air - that’s all. If that much air is present, the thing works.

Recently, a new type of car has been conceived which can run four feet above the ground. It will not require any tire tube. In fact the same trick applies in this mechanism. The car will move so fast that the air underneath will have volume enough to bear its weight. The speed will cut through the air, separating its upper and lower parts, and due to the speed a layer of four feet will be created which will sustain the moving car.