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Chapter 5: This Moment Is Enough for Me

George Lurie, USA Today; Jeannie Senior, The Oregonian, Portland; Bill Graves, The Bend Bulletin, Bend, Oregon

I’d appreciate brief answers, and I’ll try to keep my questions precise. Last night you spoke of hijackings and other extreme measures. Could a mass action like the one that occurred in Jonestown could ever occur here at Rajneeshpuram.

Never. Hiroshima can occur here but not Jonestown. If anything happens here, the responsibility will be of President Ronald Reagan. And the whole America will be condemned for it. And it will be a betrayal of American constitution and its great values.

I’d like to know how the AIDS epidemic has caused you to reevaluate your attitude towards sex between your followers.

There is no problem, just people have to be a little more cautious. They have to take precautions.

Six thousand sannyasins have been tested. They are free of AIDS. These people have been given all the instructions to use condoms and gloves, stop kissing, start new ways of loving: for example, rubbing each other’s noses, pressing each other’s earlobes. But kissing is absolutely prohibited.

I’d like to know what your current immigration status is.

The same as it was four years before, the first day I had entered America. And I think it will remain the same the day I leave my body.

I have never seen such an idiotic bureaucracy anywhere. Four years and they have not been able to decide anything this way or that. And the reason is: yes they cannot say because of the politicians and their pressure, and if they say no then I am going to the courts, because their no will be against the constitution.

So they are in a dilemma. So let them be in a dilemma. I am not starving without their green card. I am not going to eat it. And they are unnecessarily harassing themselves. I am not harassed. I have simply forgotten all about it.

I have been four-year-old American already. And a fresh American is far better than the rotten old corpses.

You’ve said in the past that you’d prefer assassination to a natural death. Do you anticipate assassination?

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