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Chapter 4: A Madman’s Path

You are not doing anything, I am not doing anything. We are together here; something is happening. Something is transpiring between me and you. Nobody is a doer, neither I nor you; it is happening on its own accord. In that sense it is simple, natural; but in another sense, you can use the word miracle. It looks like a miracle because man has become so unnatural that to be silent even for a few minutes seems like a miracle.

It is as though a man who has lived in darkness his whole life is brought into light and for the first time sees the color of the flowers and the sunrays passing through the trees and the rainbow in the clouds, and starts shouting, “Miracles, miracles, miracles!”

You will say, “These are simple things, natural things. It is just because you have always lived in darkness. That’s why these colors, these butterflies, these flowers, the green and the red and the gold of the trees, look like a miracle.” But for him it is a miracle.

To me it is just natural; to you it may be a miracle. It depends from what standpoint you are looking at it.

But when I was scoffing at miracles, I meant miracles like Satya Sai Baba is doing: producing Swiss watches. At least produce watches made in India - that would be a miracle! What is there of a miracle in a Swiss watch? I was laughing at these tricks, and I was saying there are no miracles in the sense that the universal law, dhamma, accepts no exception. Everything is natural and according to Tao, according to dhamma, according to the universal nature of things. Nothing is against it; hence there are no miracles. These are all sleight-of-hand. These are just magic.

If you find a magician on the street corner producing Swiss watches you won’t call it a miracle. But the same man comes as a holy man, as a mahatma, and then immediately it becomes a miracle. Such miracles don’t happen.

But a few miracles really happen. For example, just a few days ago, a Polack became the pope. Now that is a miracle!

I would like to suggest to Buddha to make a few exceptions in his universal law. A Polack and a pope! - who has ever heard such a thing?

Once old Murphy was asked, “How do you spot a Polack at a cock fight?”

He said, “He is the one with the duck.”

Then he was asked, “How do you know the Italians are there?”

He said, “They bet on the duck.”

And then he was asked, “And how do you know the Mafia is there?”

He said, “The duck wins.”

Enough for today.