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Chapter 13: The World Needs to Be One

The Western mind, even in the brightest silver lining, will see the dark cloud surrounding it. They both are there; it is a question of your choice.

And I would like you to see the whole - not to choose, because the darkest cloud is absolutely necessary for the brightest lining. The bright cannot exist without the dark cloud. Neither has the dark cloud any meaning unless it flowers into bright linings. There is no contradiction.

Roots are bound to be ugly. Their function is such, they have to be ugly. They have to go deep into the earth in search of water. They remain hidden - but without them the roses will not flower. All the juice that roses have comes from those ugly roots.

And it is not a one-way traffic either, because in response flowers are sending to the roots sun rays, air. They are connected. In fact, there are no divisions anywhere; it is one phenomenon. From the root to the flower, from the West to the East, from Zorba to Buddha, it is one phenomenon. All the religions have denied it. That’s why all the religions have been against humanity.

Communism is the by-product of all these religions. Now more than half of humanity is communist, atheist, irreligious, does not have any inquiry into its own interiority. A very strange thing has happened; it has never been such a big movement. There have been atheists, but there have not been so many atheists - more than half.

Who has created them? It is the failure of the religions. They talked about flowers, but they could not produce. They failed utterly in their promises; they could not deliver what they were talking about. And the reason was, they were denying the roots. Naturally, a revolution was going to happen, and it has happened.

Russia was one of the most religious countries. You will be surprised to know, Karl Marx had never thought that communism would happen first in Russia, then in China. It would have been inconceivable to him; he was thinking communism would happen first in America. But he was not a philosopher, he was not a psychologist; he had no knowledge about man’s growth. He was only an economist.

And when people are very linear, moving in one line, forgetting all other dimensions of life, such problems are bound to arise. His only idea was that communism would happen in a country where rich and poor were divided; where the poor would go on becoming poorer, and the rich would go on becoming richer. Naturally, the division would create revolution, the class struggle. But he failed completely in his analysis. It is difficult to find a greater failure than Karl Marx.

Communism happened in Russia, which was the most religious country, not rich. There was no class struggle in fact. Why did it happen in Russia?

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