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Chapter 7: Politics Brings Out the Beast in You

The mother has to carry the child for nine months and take all the trouble of carrying the child. It is not an easy job. And then to give birth to the child.that is almost as if one is passing through death. Then she is involved in bringing up the child for years together - and in the past she was continually giving birth to children. What time have you left her to become a great musician, a poetess, a painter - have you given her any time? She was constantly either pregnant or taking care of the children to whom she has given birth. She was taking care of the house so that you were able to contemplate on higher things.

Just for one day, for twenty-four hours, change your work: Let her contemplate, create poetry or music; and for twenty-four hours you take care of the children, of the kitchen, of the house. And then you will know who is superior. Just twenty-four hours will be enough to prove to you that to take care of so many children is just to be in a madhouse.

They are not so innocent as they look. They are as naughty as you can conceive, and they are doing all kinds of mischief They will not leave you for a single moment; they want attention continuously - perhaps that is a natural need. Attention is food.

And just one day of cooking the food for the family and the guests, you will know that in twenty-four hours you have experienced hell. And you will forget that idea that you are superior, because in twenty-four hours you will not think even for a single split second about theology, philosophy, religion.

Think of it in other ways; the woman has less muscular power, because for millions of years she has not been given the work that creates muscles. I have been to aboriginals in India where the woman is muscular and the man is not. So it is not something natural, it is something historical. But for so long women have not been given muscular work that their bodies, by and by, naturally have lost the capacity for muscular development.

But in these aboriginal tribes the man is almost a housewife, and the wife is really the husband because she goes to work. She chops wood, she hunts for food; and the man simply sits, drinks alcohol, bums around, takes care of the children and the house. And for centuries he has been doing that; naturally, he has shrunk, he has lost his muscles. Strangely enough, with the muscular power gone his height has also dropped; the woman is taller.

When I first entered such an aboriginal tribe, I could not believe my eyes. I had never thought that this was something historical, that it had nothing to do with nature. And why has man in those aboriginal tribes chosen this way? That too is cunning - because those tribes allow you to have as many wives as you want. This is a beautiful thing. A man marries five or six wives and then he just relaxes, drinks, and the women have to work.

The women have been working at all kinds of things that man is supposed to do. Naturally, they have become stronger. And you will be surprised to know that it is the woman who plays on the musical instruments, who dances, who tries to make beautiful artifacts, sculpture. Anything beautiful that is done is done by the woman. She spins and weaves the clothes with beautiful designs.

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