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Chapter 20: Response Ability

The Taj Mahal is made of white marble, all Italian marble. And the other memorial, just on the other side of the river - at the end he was going to make a bridge - was going to be exactly the same as the Taj Mahal, but in black marble. He was creating a beautiful symmetry. The architect was going to be exactly the same, the building exactly the same, just the marble was going to be white on the wife’s memorial and black on his own memorial.

Now these followers wanted to try to make something better than the Taj Mahal, because thousands of tourists were coming every day to see the Taj Mahal. Naturally they thought it was not only a question of prestige, it was also a question of business. It had been going on for almost one hundred years.

They had been able to make only the ground floor. Certainly they have made it far better than the Taj Mahal, but there seems to be no possibility that they will be able to complete it. They wanted to make it a three-story building, so it goes higher than the Taj Mahal, but all the money that they could collect from their followers from all over India is finished. For one hundred years continuously thousands of workers have been involved in making it.

I have seen.Their pillars are so beautiful, so creative: on the pillars they have made creepers in marble. And the creepers have green flowers of green marble and roses on top of the creepers made in rubies, emeralds, diamonds. They have certainly made it clear that if they complete it - even incomplete - it has gone beyond the Taj Mahal. They are immensely happy. They invited me when I was speaking at Agra University.They invited me to show me their incomplete memorial. They have done a tremendously great job.

They took me inside. Inside they have a map drawn on the marble and on the map there are fourteen divisions. And they have put all the enlightened people that they could think of in the division to which he belongs. There are not only three categories.According to them there are fourteen. Mohammed is in the third division, Jesus is in the fifth - so is Moses. In the sixth is Mahavira and Buddha. In the seventh, Kabir, Nanak, and in that way they went on. Names are engraved in marble.

And in the fourteenth there is only one man, their own master, who was not known outside Agra. All his following is centered in Agra. A few people have moved to different places, but basically, it is a one-city-oriented religion. They asked me what was my opinion about this map.

I said, “Who has made this map?”

They said, “It is in our holy scripture. Our master himself has made this.”

I said, “Your master is right. He is in the fourteenth.”

They looked at me, because before me they had shown that map to many people. Everybody disagreed because their masters were put in the fifth degree, somebody’s master in the third degree, somebody’s master at the most in the seventh. After the seventh, the other six planes are empty. The fourteenth, the highest reach of consciousness, has been achieved by their master. Naturally no Hindu will agree, no Mohammedan will agree, no Jaina will agree, no Jew, no Christian, no Buddhist. Nobody is going to agree. I was the first man to agree with what they said.

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