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Chapter 5: Of Redemption

There are people who are denying even the existence of the body. There are people who are denying even the existence of the mind. And there are also people who are denying the existence of the soul; they say only the body is real and all else is fiction. All these people - spiritualists, materialists - are agreed on one point: that they will not leave man natural, one organic unity; something has to be discarded. But that which you discard hangs around you; it is part of you. You can, by constant repetition - repetition of centuries - make yourself believe. But if your belief is not according to nature, suffering will be the result.

The whole of humanity is suffering. And the amazing phenomenon is that the suffering of humanity is because of these religious ideas, which do not allow man to grow naturally, to live naturally, to love naturally. And then when suffering comes, they say, “Look! Have we not been telling you that this earth is nothing but a punishment?”

It is a very cunning strategy. First you create suffering, and then you use suffering as an argument to support the idea that you are born in sin, and your being on the earth and not in paradise is a punishment.

Because Adam and Eve disobeyed God, you are suffering. It is a strange logic. Even if Adam and Eve had disobeyed God, it was not such a great sin - they had only eaten one apple. Because of their eating the apple - and we don’t know whether Adam and Eve ever existed or not - thousands of years afterwards you are suffering, because you are carrying their heritage. You belong to the line, and your originators were sinners; hence you are also sinners. And the suffering of life proves it; otherwise, why is there so much suffering?

Religions have been very cunning, priests have been very inhuman. They have divided man against himself; fighting with himself he suffers.

Zarathustra is right:

Truly, my friends, I walk among men as among fragments and limbs of men!

It is very difficult to find a total man.

The total man will be the superman, the total man will be the happiest man, the total man will have all the blessings this beautiful planet can shower on him. But only the total man can have it.

Why can the total man be blissful? - because the total man lives totally, lives intensely; each moment he squeezes the juice of life. His life is a dance, his life is a celebration.

And suddenly, when your life is a celebration, you cannot believe that it is a punishment. Then you can see through and through the lies of the priests, and then you don’t need any paradise because you have it already here and now. You don’t have to postpone it faraway, after your death.

The terrible thing to my eye is to find men shattered in pieces and scattered as if over a battle-field of slaughter.

Zarathustra sees things very clearly, with a clarity which is rare. What we call humanity he sees as a battlefield of slaughter.

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