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Chapter 4: A Very Deep Balancing

The first question:

A single session of your Dynamic Meditation has left within me a greater bliss and sense of being than twenty years of having had to listen to the stories of The New Testament and to pray to an almighty and distant God who stayed an unexperienceable Godot to me. Is it possible that the teachings of Jesus just might not be helpful to all seekers - yes, might even be poisonous to them, or to some?

Christianity and Christ should never be confused. Christ is totally different from Christianity, so whenever you want to understand Christ, go directly and immediately - not via Rome, then you will never understand Christ. Christ or Krishna or Buddha cannot be organized: they are so vast that no organization can do justice to them. Only small things can be organized. Politics can be organized - not religion. Nazism can be organized, communism can be organized - not Christ, not Krishna. The sheer vastness is such that the moment you try to force them into a pattern they are already dead. It is as if you are trying to grasp the sky in your small hands - with closed fists. With an open hand the sky may be touching, may be a little bit on your hand, but with a closed fist it has already escaped out of it.

Whatsoever you have been hearing about Jesus is not about Jesus, the real man; it is about the Jesus that Christians have invented, decorated to be sold in the market. The Christian Jesus is a commodity to be sold; Christ himself is a revolution. You will have to be transformed through him; he is the baptism of fire. You can be a Christian conveniently. You can never be a real Christian conveniently.

If you are really following Jesus, there is bound to be trouble. He himself ended on the cross, you cannot end on the throne. But if you follow Christianity there is no trouble, it is a very convenient way to adjust Christ to yourself rather than adjusting yourself to Christ. If you adjust yourself to Christ there will be a transformation; if you adjust Christ to yourself there can be none. Then Christ himself becomes part of the decoration of your imprisonment, part of your furniture - your car, your house - a convenience at the most, but you are not related to him. That’s why twenty years look like they have been wasted.

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