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Chapter 2: Of Self-Overcoming

Jesus was asked once, “What do you think about Abraham?” And Jesus said something immensely valuable: “Why should I think about Abraham? I was before he was.” Abraham lived almost three thousand years before Jesus Christ, but what he was saying is immensely true - “I was before Abraham was. I have always been here. My consciousness is part of the eternal consciousness of existence. Why should I bother about any Abraham?

“If I can listen to my own consciousness, I have listened to all the seers of the world, because it is the same source from where they quenched their thirst. Why should I go anywhere else? I have my own fresh sources - fresh in a way, because I have never been there, and ancient in a way, because they have always been there, waiting for me.”

He who cannot obey himself will be commanded.

You see in the world, Hindus and Mohammedans and Christians and Buddhists and Jews. These are the people who have not obeyed their own lives, who have not listened to their own hearts, who have not followed their own beings. They need organized religions, holy scriptures, prophets and messiahs to command them.

Life is enough unto itself. But if you cannot trust yourself, if you are not courageous enough to follow your own nature, then obviously you will have to be commanded. You will need some discipline, you will need some moral code, you will need some idea of good and evil.

The moment you start allowing yourself to be commanded you have become a slave, a spiritual slave. And you are distracted from your original being, you are distracted from your own god. Your authentic god is being replaced by a stone statue in some temple, which is dead. And cunning priests pretend to represent that they are your saviors. They convince you that you cannot save yourself, that you need a savior, that you cannot find what is right and what is wrong through your own insight, through your own intuition - you need tuition for it, and tuition comes from the outside. All religions are nothing but tuitions.

And slowly, slowly the more you are burdened by commandments from outside, you forget completely that you had a right to live your life according to your own self. You are living a false life, something pseudo, which is not going to satisfy you, which is not going to give you any contentment, any joy, any truth - which is simply going to destroy you, and waste a great opportunity that existence has given to you.

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