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Chapter 24: Feel Blissful and Thankful

I just don’t have any control over what happens anymore. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

No need to know! That need is the trouble. There is no need to know. One should just move wherever life takes one. Trust life. This is mind interfering and trying to control, to manage and to manipulate. This is ego need.

You have come to understand a very basic thing. Now, don’t forget it. Everything happens, and nobody has any power. The whole power trip is an illusion. Nobody has any power. Everything is happening on its own; at the most you can cooperate or fight. If you fight, then it will happen but you will miss the bliss of it. If you cooperate, then too it will happen - but not because of your cooperation; it was going to happen anyway; you will feel blissful, ecstatic. So cooperate with life, don’t create any conflict, and then everything falls in line; everything settles by itself.

So it is just that this idea is wrong, mm? - that you need to have some power. The second idea is also part of it - that you need to know. Knowledge is always a search for power. Knowledge is nothing but an inquiry to become more powerful. That’s why science has become so important - because we start feeling powerful and feeling that we have conquered nature. Nothing has been conquered, nothing can ever be conquered. Science only discovers where nature is moving, and then starts cooperating with it - then things start happening. It is not powerful.

For example, oxygen and hydrogen combined together create water. It has always been so, whether we know it or not. When nobody knew about it, then too it was happening. Science discovered that this is how water is made, so now if you follow the rule, you can make water. The water is making itself. You simply cooperate. It is not a conquering, but a deep cooperation.

And the same is true for religion. Science discovers how to cooperate with nature, and religion discovers how to cooperate with the inner - the ultimate nature. But in both ways, the more you know, the more you understand that knowledge is not needed.

Drop that trip, and just enjoy whatsoever you are and whatsoever is happening.

When I’m here, everyone seems to be very quiet and floating. I feel like jumping about, shouting and joking, but then I feel bad when it happens. I want to try to change it.

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