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Chapter 8: Love Makes No Shadow

Cram history - all the nonsense that man has been doing to other men, all the madness - cram it! And the child cannot see the point: what does it matter when a certain king ruled England, from what date to what date? He has to cram those stupid things. Naturally his intelligence becomes more and more burdened, crippled; more and more dust collects on his intelligence. By the time a man comes back from the university he is unintelligent; the university has done its job. It is very rare that a man can come from the university yet intelligent, still remaining intelligent. Very few people have been able to escape the university, avoid the university, pass through the university and yet save their intelligence - very rarely. It is such a great mechanism to destroy you. The moment you become educated, you have become unintelligent. Can’t you see this? The educated person behaves very unintelligently. Go to the primitive people who have never been educated and you will find a pure intelligence functioning.

I have heard..

A woman was trying to open a tin and she could not find the way to open it. So she went to look in the cookery book. By the time she looked into the book, the cook had opened it. She came back, and she was surprised. She asked the cook, “How did you do it?”

He said, “Lady, when you don’t know how to read, you have to use your intelligence!”

Yes, it is right. When you don’t know how to read you have to use your intelligence, what else can you do? The moment you start reading.those three dangerous R’s, when you have become capable of them you need not be intelligent; the books will take care.

Have you watched it? When a person starts typing, his handwriting is lost, then his handwriting is no longer beautiful. There is no need, the typewriter takes care. If you carry a calculator in your pocket you will forget all mathematics, there is no need. Sooner or later there will be small computers and everybody will be carrying them. They will have all the information of an Encyclopaedia Britannica, and then there will be no need for you to be intelligent at all; the computer will take care.

Go to the primitive people, the uneducated people, the villagers, and you will find a subtle intelligence. Yes, they are not more informed, that is true, they are not knowledgeable, that is true, but they are tremendously intelligent. Their intelligence is like a flame with no smoke around it.

The society has done something wrong with man - for certain reasons. It wants you to be slaves, it wants you to be always afraid, it wants you to be always greedy, it wants you to be always ambitious, it wants you to be always competitive. It wants you to be unloving, it wants you to be full of anger and hatred, it wants you to remain weak, imitative - carbon copies. It does not want you to become original buddhas, original Krishnas or Christs, no. That’s why your intelligence has been destroyed. Meditation is needed only to undo what the society has done. Meditation is negative: it simply negates the damage, it destroys the illness. And once the illness has gone, your well-being asserts itself of its own accord.

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