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Chapter 19: Simply Singing My Own Song

There is nothing I need to know - I just love the sound of your voice. Please comment.

Deva Pagalo, it is not a coincidence that I have given you a name which means “the madman.” It is a very rare and unique situation to be meditative and to be mad. There have been millions of mad people but their madness is a sickness, their madness means they have fallen below the mind and they have to be brought back at least to the normal state of mind. That’s the whole profession of the psychoanalyst, the psychiatrist, the therapist.

But there have also been a very few mad people who have not fallen below mind but who have gone beyond mind. As far as mind is concerned, both are out of the mind. Both are mad, but the man who has gone beyond the mind has come to a state which is the ultimate blessing in this existence.

When I gave you the name Deva Pagalo I had seen the possibility in your eyes that you can be one day a madman of the highest quality, a divine madman. It is not sickness, it is the ultimate in health.

What you are saying actually needs to be understood by everyone. You are saying, “There is nothing I need to know.”

Certainly, there is nothing that one needs to know. In a deeper sense, there is no one who can have the need to know. You are an utter emptiness, silence, serenity.

This silence is not ignorance; hence the need for knowledge is not there at all.

Knowledge is needed by ignorant people - this is so simple - and the more ignorant they are, the more knowledge they need. It creates a vicious circle. The more knowledgeable they become, the more they become aware of their ignorance. As they advance in knowledge they become aware of a tremendous space which has not been traveled yet, and a vast possibility of knowing more. It is unlimited, they will never come to a point where they can say, “Now I have known all.”

These are the scholars, the pundits, the rabbis. These people have dominated humanity simply because they have more information than you have. They have made a tremendous treasure of their information. For centuries, they have been defending the citadel of knowledge and not allowing everybody to enter into their world.

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