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Chapter 6: The Three Psychologies

I am in favor of the third, but for the meantime you remain natural. No need to suppress, no need to try any methods to cripple the body - no need. Be natural and go on working for your Buddhahood. Be natural and become more and more alert and aware. A moment will come when sex simply disappears. When it disappears on its own, it leaves behind it such a glow, such grace, such beauty. Don’t force it to disappear otherwise it will leave behind many wounds and you will always remain with those wounds. Let it go by itself. Simply be a watcher and don’t be in a hurry. Nature is good, nature is beautiful; you be natural. Unless you become supernatural, don’t fight with nature. Let the higher come in.

And this is my attitude about everything: don’t fight with the lower, pray for the higher. Work for the higher and let the lower be left untouched. If you start fighting with the lower you will have to remain there with the lower; you cannot move from there. Be natural so that nature does not disturb you and you are left alone to rise higher. Pray for the higher, meditate for the higher, try for the higher and leave nature as it is. Soon the supernature will arise. Out of nature comes the supernature, and then there is grace, then there is beauty, then there is incomparable beatitude.

From another dimension it will be good for you to know: sex belongs to the body, love belongs to the subtle body, prayer belongs to the center, to the very ground of your being. Sex belongs to the periphery, prayer belongs to the center, and between the center and the periphery is love. Buddha is prayerful compassion; he has reached the center. Before you reach the center, just moving in between from the periphery to the center, you will be loveful, very, very deeply loving. On the periphery you will be lustful, you will be sexual. And it is the same energy. On the periphery sex is a need, between the periphery and the center love is the need. The energy is the same but you have changed, so the need changes. At the center, prayer, compassion is the need - the energy is the same. So Buddha is not starved of sex; the same energy has become compassion. A man of love is not starved of sex, the same energy has become love. So the question of needs has to be understood.

The need exists in the body, but if you move from the body, deeper, the need changes. The need follows you. If you are filled too much with sexual imagery, fantasy, that shows only that you exist on the periphery. Move from there. You go on working on the periphery. For millions of lives you have been working there and the need has not been fulfilled. It cannot be fulfilled. No need can be fulfilled - remember this. You eat; after eight hours, six hours, you are again hungry. No need can be fulfilled. It is a temporary fulfillment. You have sex - after a few hours again you are ready. Needs cannot be fulfilled because they move in a circle.

Move higher than your needs. I am not saying fight with the needs; allow them, enjoy them while you are there. Why fight? - enjoy. Don’t create guilt because the more guilt you create, the more suppression, the more difficult it will be for you to move from there. Enjoy it while you are there. If you love, you have sex, enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty, and don’t feel a sinner. Sin well! If you are sinning then at least be efficient.