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Chapter 28: A Silent Waiting Heart

Now this is the approach of a silent, waiting heart - even death cannot make any difference, any distance.

So sannyasins who are far away, all over the world, need not miss me. It is up to them - just they will have to change their attitudes.

And it is a good opportunity to change their attitudes. While I am still here, if they can start feeling my presence all around the world then no country can prevent my presence entry into their lands. No country, no power, can prevent me coming to your heart.

Their power is very limited. It may be very big, but it is very limited: it is material. And your capacity is far bigger, tremendously big - it is spiritual. What is needed is just to be aware of it and to use it. Once you taste the beauty of it, you will be thankful to all the politicians who have been desperately creating walls between me and my people.

I have become a nightmare to them - and I have not done any harm to anybody. But perhaps their suspicion is right. They suspect that I have the potential of attracting the whole youth of the world - changing their approaches toward life, their attitude toward life, which will cut off the vested interests absolutely. That much they understand - hence all this harassment.

But you need not be worried about their harassment. They know only one way of connecting with a person; you know something more - a deeper way, an invisible way. Most probably, once in a while you will be able to come to see me and be with me. But even if that becomes difficult - they will try hard to make it difficult - it doesn’t matter.

I am available to you wherever you are.

I am with you wherever you are.

Just remain vulnerable, open, receptive.

Do I have any skeletons in my closet?

This is Cliff. You don’t have a closet at all - forget about skeletons! You are a poor man; you cannot afford a closet. These are the luxuries of rich people, to have closets and skeletons in them.

You are simple, innocent. You don’t need; and even if you need, you cannot afford. You are fortunate.

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