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Chapter 19: Hell Hath No Fury like a Christian Scorned

The goldsmith said, “I know you support me, and you are the person who phoned, because only you have a phone here in this whole neighborhood. And whenever the police come you are missing; the whole crowd is there but you are not. That is enough proof And after the crowd has gone, you come and support me.”

I said, I certainly support you because I want people to be more physical, more grounded. This Martin Buber knows nothing about dialogue. He thinks of just talking, yakkety-yakkety-yak, that is not a dialogue. This is real dialogue: you make it from a fiction into a fact.”

These Christians have been in such a dialogue for two thousand years. They are far more dangerous than this poor goldsmith because no bloodshed ever happened with him; it was just a mock fight. But Christians have killed millions of people, and that was their way of making conversation. They were telling you, “We can prove our belief by killing you.”

Now, by killing somebody you simply prove that you are a brute, primitive. It does not prove that you are right, that what you are saying is true. It simply proves that whatsoever you are, you are just not yet out of the jungle. You should not even utter the word truth; it is not right from your mouth. And from the Christians, Mohammedans learned the art of conversation, dialogue.

I asked Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, when he was prime minister in India, “Can you allow me to have my commune in Kashmir?” - because Kashmir is the most beautiful place, not only in India but perhaps in the whole world. When Babar, the first invader who remained behind to rule India.. Other invaders came and went away; that had been routine for thousands of years. Invaders would come and loot the country. They would take the beautiful women, they would kill and burn people, and they would go away with all their loot - the gold, the diamonds, and everything that they could get.

Babar was the first man who decided not to leave. He said, “This is foolish, to come once in a while and loot these people and go away. It is better to remain here and rule these people and go on exploiting them. Why, what is the need to go back?”

When he entered Kashmir.the first words that he uttered have become very famous. On his horse, looking back from a very high hill top at the beauty of the Kashmir valley, Babar said, “I have never believed in paradise, but if there is any paradise it is here.” And certainly Kashmir is paradise.

I asked Jawaharlal, “Kashmir has enough land - it is all mountains - you can give me a place.”

He said, “I can give you a place but I am afraid, because ninety percent of people in Kashmir are Mohammedans. You will be killed, you cannot remain alive there. The little bit I know about you is enough to convince me that you will be killed, and I am not letting you settle in Kashmir because I would not like you to be killed. Mohammedans will not be able to stand you even for a single day.”

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