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Chapter 20: Reaction Never Brings Freedom

The West has been clinging to materialist values which are very much lower than yours. They can kill, but they cannot give you a new life. They can destroy, but they cannot create.

So there is a great creative upsurge in the whole world. It is coming from the East, and soon the distinction between the East and the West will be lost.

The new age movement is becoming stronger in Europe. We see parallels to your prophecy of the quantum leap. What do you think about the new age movement?

It is good but not good enough. It is good because anything replacing the old and the rotten is good, but I also say it is not good enough because it is only a reaction.

To be perfect it has to be not a reaction but an understanding, and it is missing that.

In reaction you simply move to the other extreme, and every extreme is dangerous. For a few days it may give you the feeling that you are free, but all extremes prove to be prisons. And from the extreme there is no growth because there is nowhere you can go ahead.

Growth is always in the middle.

Extremes are horizontal: the past has lost its value.there is a vacuum. Certainly the natural tendency of the mind is to create opposite values to the past - because it has failed - and replace them. You are certainly replacing new values in place of the old, but you are forgetting that they were extremist and you are also extremist. So the change is only superficial. Deep down you are still in the same position.

Certainly a new man is needed, but the new man will not come out of reaction. The new man can come only out of understanding the old - where it has failed and why. And it is impossible to miss that it was extremist. It went too far in one direction, denying the other direction completely.

For example, it may have been spiritualist - denying materialism completely. It may have been otherworldly - denying this world completely.

The reactionary person will be just the opposite, will accept this world and deny the other world, will accept materialism and deny spiritualism. It is simply putting things upside down. It is not going to help. It is a relief for a few days.again you are caught in the same old game.

My understanding is that man, if he really wants to be new, has to be more understanding and less reactive. Reaction needs no understanding; it is anger, it is frustration, it is revenge. But in revenge, in anger, in frustration, you cannot produce the new man.

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