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Chapter 23: Our Way Is of Humor, Our Way Is of Bliss

And now it is not just an argument. For thirty years I have been arguing; finally I decided that just argumentation is not going to help. They have no answer, but argument just disappears into the air. It may remain in the books, but it won’t transform the whole life of man. It will not make a complete break with the past and a totally new beginning, fresh, as if man has arrived on the earth for the first time.

That realization slowly, slowly made me decide to create a commune - a reality, not just an argument; a reality which they cannot ignore, not just a philosophy.

Philosophies - ninety-nine percent of people remain unaware of them. The one percent who become aware are the professional philosophers. Philosophy is any easy-chair affair; you enjoy it but gives you no challenge. It became clear to me that I have to translate my argument into a real phenomenon or people are not going to be affected by what I am saying. In the first place they cannot understand it because their whole past is against it. Their mind is conditioned by the past. When they listen to me they cannot listen with an open mind.

I have seen people listening to me nodding their heads when something is in agreement with them, or shaking their heads sideways if something is not in agreement. They are not aware that their heads are showing that which is going on within.

Only with Japanese was I in trouble. They are the rarest people in the whole world. They just do the opposite: when they want to say no they say yes! So when I came in contact with a Japanese then I was really confused - what to make of it? In the beginning I thought they were saying yes, but what I was asking them.they were supposed to say no, and they were saying yes. When they were supposed to say yes, they were saying no.. Only Japanese do it in a different way.

Except Japan - but why did it happen in Japan? - the whole world nods in the same way. You can read their minds just by their facial expressions, their heads nodding, their eyes, their hands, even their posture of sitting. When somebody is interested, he leans towards you. When somebody simply wants to show his arrogance, he leans away from you.

Arguments cannot penetrate their thick minds, and they go on becoming thicker and thicker, because as time passes more and more dust goes on gathering on the mirror. Now the mirror is nowhere to be seen; it is only a thick layer of dust. Still, I tried my best, for the simple reason that I am a lazy man. I never wanted to do such a thing as I had to do: create a commune.

It is easy for me to talk about everything in the world. Whether I know about something or not, it does not matter, I don’t care at all. I simply enjoy talking. So it is not a question of whether I know about it or not, I enjoy in both cases. Talking is easy; that I have done from my very childhood.

I used to sleep in the room with my grandfather. I asked him, “You always cover your head with the blanket, even when it is not so cold..”

He said, “It is not a question of the cold, it is you. You tell stories even in your sleep, and you talk so relevantly that I become interested.”

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