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Chapter 2: Dynamic Meditation

Your ego reacts against a person who is trying to discipline you, but this is reaction not rebellion. Rebellion only emerges after satori, so there are not many rebellious persons - only a Jesus, a Buddha, a Socrates, very few. But there are many reactionaries. For example, the communists - people like Marx, Bakunin, Lenin, or Mao - are all reactionaries, they are not rebellious. A rebellious person is a phenomenon: only when you are rebellious are you really alive. And if the whole world were to become rebellious..

Every type of invention, every discovery, always comes out of playfulness. Einstein, Archimedes, Newton, and others were all playing. Many things happen when you are not serious, when you are not concentrating, when your mind is in a letgo.

Newton was sitting under an apple tree. An apple fell, and something happened. Archimedes was lying in his bathtub, and something happened. He jumped out of the tub crying, “Eureka! Eureka! I’ve found it, I’ve found it!” Einstein was very fond of playing with soap bubbles. His concept of the expanding universe came to him through playing with soap bubbles, watching them expanding and dissolving.

The history of humanity is not the history of the masses, the conformists, the serious, the lawgivers, the ruled and the rulers. The masses have not created a single masterpiece - neither invention nor painting nor poetry nor music. But a few evolved ones who were not serious about their lives have been creative. Discovery has always come through unknown people who were just playing with their lives. If they had been serious they would have preferred to do business, to start a factory or something.

So the first thing is to play with your life. Then so many phenomenal things happen. Religion, science, art - everything comes out of a nonserious, playful mind.

There is no purpose in life, no mission in life. Life is enough! It is more than enough. Every sense of mission must go because it is anti-life: all propaganda is nothing but politics in the garb of religion, a mission, an ideal. Leadership, gurus, disciples - all this is nonsense. If you practice Dynamic Meditation, if you allow yourself to pass through a catharsis and move into a total let-go your concept of a mission in life is bound to go.

So practice Dynamic Meditation. Do it to your fullest capacity - take it to a peak. You must go mad completely; only then will authentic sanity come, and only then will others begin to be helped by you.