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Chapter 8: The Bull Transcended

Zen is going to be the religion of the future of humanity, because it teaches how to renounce and it teaches how to renounce renouncing also. It teaches how to go beyond the world, and it teaches how to go beyond the beyond. It looks paradoxical but it is not, because when you go beyond the beyond you are back in the world; the circle is complete.

With Buddha the circle remains a little incomplete. Nirvana remains nirvana, the world remains the world - separated. The enlightened man remains enlightened, the unenlightened remains unenlightened - separate. Zen bridges them. The ultimate flowering is when a man is neither enlightened nor not enlightened - beyond categories. He lives in the world and yet does not live in the world. He lives in the world but the world does not live in him. He has become the lotus flower.

Be a lotus flower. Be in the water, and let not the water touch you.

Going to the Himalayas and being pure there is not very difficult. What else can you do? You have to be pure; it is almost helplessness.

Bring your Himalayas back into the world. Let your Himalayas be herenow in the world, in the marketplace, and then there is the criterion, the test.

The real criterion is in the world. If you have really attained to nirvana you will come back to the world, because now there is no fear. Now you can be anywhere. Now even hell is heaven and darkness is light and death is life. Now nothing can distract you. Your attainment is total, perfect, ultimate.

Be a lotus flower!

Enough for today.