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Chapter 8: Intelligence Is a Luxury

Vishnu has a wife; he is not celibate. Shiva has a wife; he is not celibate. But gods have to be given some privilege which is not allowed to the Hindu monk. Gods are a different category. But it is very strange that nobody in ten thousand years has asked that when Vishnu and Shiva can have wives, then what is the reason that the Hindu monk should renounce the wife, the children, leave them in poverty, misery, disease, and gain spiritual power by it?

In fact, he is committing a crime. And he will turn into a homosexual. I know hundreds of Hindu monks who are homosexual, because women will not be allowed in with them, alone; otherwise their whole purity, spirituality, will be immediately condemned. But men can remain with them. As far as I have known no Hindu monk is celibate, and there is no wonder in it because celibacy is an impossibility; and particularly for a Hindu monk.

It may be possible for a Jaina monk to be celibate because he eats only one time a day. He eats in his hands, making a cup of his hands, and whatever his two hands can have at one time, that’s all that he has to eat. It cannot be much. He lives starving, hungry. There is no possibility for two things: one, he will not have any intelligence, because intelligence comes to you only when you have an overflow of physical energy. Intelligence is a luxury. All the animals are living without it; it is a human luxury. But luxury can exist only when you have more energy than is needed for your physical survival.

And secondly, he can be celibate because he has not enough energy to create male sperms. If you see a Jaina monk you will feel pity: he is just bones. His eyes don’t show any intelligence. Whatever he says seems to be simply ordinary. But his celibacy is killing him - he is on a suicidal path. He may not be perverted in the ordinary sense of being a homosexual or a sodomist, but I call this too a perversion. He is destroying himself every day, he is dying! No Jaina monk needs aids: he creates it himself.

But Hindus and their monks are a different matter. You will find the Hindu monk eating very nourishing food, and eating too much; all the Hindu monks you will find overweight.

One of the great Hindu monks, Nityananda, the master of Swami Muktananda - Muktananda was very well known in America. Nityananda had only one unique quality: his belly. I don’t think in the whole history of man anybody had such a big belly! When he lies down you can see a strange shape.

When I saw him I told him, “You don’t have a belly, your belly has a head and legs, because that is your major part!” But he is worshipped, he is thought to be enlightened. And his belly is proof enough. And now this man cannot be celibate: he is eating so much that he will create sexual energy. What is he going to do with that energy? Anything that he will do will be a perversion; and the easiest way is always homosexuality, because if he is found with a woman, all his respectability and great sainthood will disappear. He has to be with a man, and then nobody suspects.

And these people have never asked about their god Vishnu, who has a beautiful lady, Laxmi, with him. Their god Shiva has an even more beautiful woman, Parvati. Let me drift a little..

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