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Chapter 7: On the Softest Substance

In silence it is heard and known; in silence it is felt and lived; in silence you become it, it becomes you. Not through action will you reach but through inaction and silence. But that doesn’t mean that you go to a cave and sit and drop all actions, no. That’s what was done by that dervish who sat for eighteen years and missed. There is no need to go anywhere. Rather, try to understand the knack of balancing between action and inaction. Even while you are doing things always remember you are not the doer, he is the doer. Always remember that the whole is working through you, you are not more than a reed, a reed flute. The voice, the song, the music, all are his, all are of the whole.

In action you remember that action is his, you are just a watcher, a witness. Then inaction enters into action. When action becomes inaction, when they are both together, balanced, you are no longer part of this world; the duality disappears in that balancing. In that centering the duality is no longer there, you have transcended. Tao is transcendence, truth is transcendence.

Balance between any duality and suddenly the door opens. The door has always remained opened, only you are so much engaged in actions that you don’t have the space to see that it is open.

Yes, Lao Tzu is true:

The teaching without words
And the benefit of taking no action
Are without compare in the universe.

Enough for today?