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Chapter 2: A Pilgrimage to Your Own Being

And that is your true nature, that is your enlightenment, that is your buddhahood. And out of that silence, whatever you do is enlightened. Out of that silence, whatever grows is a lotus of paradise. Out of that silence you cannot do anything wrong. In fact, out of that silence the very idea, the distinction between wrong and right, good and bad, disappears. Whatever you do out of that silence is simply existential, the way it should be. It is not your effort, it is not your thought-out, pre-planned act; it is simply your spontaneous outpouring. This mind is the buddha. Let me correct it.

This no-mind is the buddha. beyond this no-mind, you will never find another buddha. To search for enlightenment or nirvana, beyond this no-mind, is impossible. The reality of your own self-nature, the absence of cause and effect, is what is meant by no-mind. Your no-mind is nirvana.

But remember wherever I am saying no-mind, in the sutra itself is written mind. I disagree with it totally, and Bodhidharma would disagree with it, and Buddha would disagree with it, and anybody who has even a little glimpse of meditation will disagree with it.

You might think you can find a buddha or enlightenment somewhere beyond no-mind, but such a place doesn’t exist.

Trying to find a buddha or enlightenment is like trying to grab space. Space has a name but no form. It’s not something you can pick up or put down. And you certainly can’t grab it. Beyond this no-mind you’ll never see a buddha. The buddha is a product of your no-mind.

In fact no-mind and buddha are synonymous. But the poor disciple who has taken these notes goes on using the word mind which is absolutely absurd.

Why look for a buddha beyond this no-mind?

Buddhas of the past and future only talk about this no-mind. This no-mind is the buddha. and the buddha is the no-mind. Beyond the no-mind there is no buddha. And beyond the buddha there is no no-mind. If you think there is a buddha beyond the no-mind, where is he?

The same mistake continues all along the sutra. It is the ancientmost sutra about Bodhidharma, and for almost fourteen centuries it has been accepted as Bodhidharma’s teaching. And the reason is that nobody tries to understand the experience by experiencing it. People simply read scriptures, they become knowledgeable, but deep inside the ignorance prevails. They start talking about light, but their blindness continues. That’s why he says, .you think there is a buddha beyond the mind. There is the buddha only beyond the mind; it is not a question of thinking, but this stupid disciple says there is no buddha beyond the mind. He has made it a point that buddha and mind are synonymous. Then what is the need of meditation? You all have minds; you have enough of buddha - do you need more mind?

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