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Chapter 18: The Alphabet of Rejoicing

The boy was amazed that he did not even want to know through what difficulties he had passed. He had been almost on the verge of being caught! He could not sleep the whole night: his heart was throbbing, and again and again as he would close his eyes, he would see the nightmare that those people had caught him, and he would wake up again. In the morning the father did not say anything, he was just sitting, with his tea. The boy said, “But at least ask me what happened!”

He said, “You have come home; everything has gone right. You could not have come back if you had acted out of your mind, so you don’t need to learn anything more. All that you need to learn is how to act out of no-mind.”

“Still,” the boy said, “please listen to my story.”

He said, “Okay, if you want you can tell it. But I am not interested. All my interest was in whether you came back or not.”

He told his whole story, and the old man asked, “Scratching like the rats were destroying the clothes - was it your thought?”

He said, “I had never thought about scratching the cupboard like rats destroying the clothes.I don’t know how it came to me.”

His father said, “That’s the way - you don’t come in. Let your no-mind take possession of the whole situation. How did you figure out that to throw the rock in the well would stop them?”

He said, “I don’t know.just the rock was there, the well was there, and the people were just on my heels. Suddenly a flash.and I took the rock and threw it in the well. It was not my act.”

The old man said, “This is what the ancient masters have said - action without action. I am not a thief, I have just chosen stealing as a way of enlightenment.”

You cannot believe it; anything can become a way to enlightenment, even stealing. But it has to be not your action, it has to come from your no-mind.

So now there are three things, Sarjano: the conscious mind, which you know and out of which whatever you have written to me has come. Behind and below is the unconscious mind, from where all kinds of sabotage will come, disruptions, to destroy the whole possibility of consciousness.

Without your knowing, you have been disrespectful. I know that with your knowing, you will be the last person to be disrespectful, and it does not matter to me whether you are disrespectful to me or not. The point is, I don’t want your unconscious mind to sabotage the beauty that has arisen in your consciousness.

Below is unconscious, above is no-mind, or super-conscious. I will hit you if I see that the unconscious is pulling you down, and I will hit you if I see that you are not moving fast enough from the conscious to the super-conscious. Those are the two times when I will hit you.

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