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Chapter 3: Beyond This Nature There’s No Buddha

They are certainly fools - fools because they are not only deceiving others by talking to them about things they know nothing of, but because they are also deceiving themselves. And they are wasting their life in mere words.

Authentic life consists of experiences, not mere words. You can go on repeating love, love, love, your whole life, and still you will not have an experience of love. And the moment you have the experience of love, you will be suddenly surprised that the experience is so vast that the word love cannot contain it; it is too small.

If this is the case with love, what will be the case with truth? - because truth is infinite, eternal. To know it means to become silent.

Just the presence of truth, the feeling of it, leaves you in a state of awe. All words fall short.

Unless you see your no-mind. Here the disciple falls back to his own understanding; he again uses the word mind.

Unless you see your no-mind, reciting so much prose is useless.

And if you know your no-mind, then too reciting so much prose is useless because then there is no point in reciting it. You have come to the very source from which every buddha has spoken. Now there is no meaning in scriptures, sutras, and shastras. The holy books can’t give you more than you know already.

To find a buddha, all you have to do is to see your nature.

That’s what I have been telling you again and again. The only way out of ignorance and out of this dark night of the soul is to be aware of your own being, aware of your own awareness. In that moment when you are aware of your own awareness, everything stops, time stops. Suddenly you are beyond time and beyond space, and a door opens which makes you part of the whole. This is the inner mathematics, that the part of the whole is not smaller than the whole. That will be difficult to understand. The part of the whole is equal to the whole, because the whole cannot be divided into parts. Division is not possible.

That’s why we call the real authentic being in you ‘individual’. Individual means indivisible - that which cannot be divided. So the moment you feel yourself part of the whole, that is the beginning - the first encounter with the whole. Soon you will realize you are not the part, you are the whole because there is no possibility of any division.

Your nature is the buddha. And the buddha is the person who is free, free of plans, free of cares. If you don’t see your nature and run around all day looking somewhere else, you will never find.

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