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Chapter 2: Ringing Bells in Your Heart

Drop everything that has come from outside.

Throw it out!

And suddenly you will find your mind is giving way into no-mind. You have only to drop the rubbish - and God is part of the rubbish, the heaviest part.

So there is no possibility of God and no-mind being synonymous.

Here, we are searching without any belief, without any hypothesis. We are simply going into our subjectivity, into our interiority.

As far as I am concerned, this is the only temple: your body. As far as I am concerned, your subjectivity - silent, peaceful, just an empty space - is the very source you have come from, and is the very goal you are going towards.

When the source and the goal meet, you are enlightened - the whole circle, the whole pilgrimage is complete. You have left the source as ignorant, you have come back to the source again as innocent. You have again become a child.

One birth is given by your parents, another birth you have to manage by yourself. The second birth is the birth which matters. The first birth is going to end up in death. The second birth is the beginning of eternity: no death, no end, no beginning.

No-mind is the whole universe, and it is not possible to find this no-mind by worshipping, by prayer, by believing. This mind needs you to be completely cured from all past-oriented ideologies, from all organized religions, from all scriptures, from all that has been forced upon you. It is phony, it is plastic.

Real roses come on the bush from its interiority. You can hang plastic roses on the bush, but they will not be fragrant, and they will not be alive. And because they are not alive they are not going to die. They will just hang there. They are already dead; they are man-manufactured flowers.

God is a man-manufactured idea.

No-mind is not your idea. No-mind is not manufactured by man. No-mind is a gift of existence. You can only be grateful, you can only be in deep gratitude when you find no-mind. You will not find even a single word to say to existence. Even saying “thank you” will look very superficial.

In the West it is very formal, you even say “thank you” to your mother, you thank your father - not that you really mean it, it is just part of formality.

In the East it is totally different. I have never thanked my father, I have never thanked my mother. It is so superficial, it is so formal. When you love someone you cannot utter the words thank you. It will destroy the whole beauty of the experience.

So when you come to no-mind, you are utterly dumb.

Kabir has made a statement. He says the experience of no-mind is gunge keri sarkara - as if the dumb man has tasted the sugar. He cannot speak. He knows taste, but he is dumb; he cannot speak.

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