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Chapter 4: Buddhas Don’t Practice Nonsense

And you can’t lose it. Its movements can’t be blocked by mountains, rivers or rock walls. Its unstoppable powers penetrate the mountain of five skandhas.

These five skandhas are what I have been calling the five elements. Skandha is the Buddhist word for element - the earth, the air, the water, the fire, and the sky. These are the five elements your so-called body is made of. But your real being is beyond all these skandhas.

.the mountain of five skandhas and cross the river of samsara.

Your consciousness does not consist of these five elements and even if these five elements are mountainous, still they cannot prevent your consciousness from passing beyond to your real home.

Even oceans of this samsara, this world, cannot prevent you from reaching to your ultimate home. Because the ultimate home is already inside you, nothing can prevent you from reaching it. You are already there, just you are not aware of it.

No karma can restrain this real being, or this real body. But this no-mind is subtle and hard to see. It’s not the same as the sensual mind. Everyone wants to see this no-mind. And those who move their hands and feet by its light are as many as the grains of sand along the Ganges.

Although you don’t see it, everybody has it. You live in its light. Your very life belongs to your no-mind.

But ask them. They can’t explain it.

You live, you know you are alive, but if somebody asks you what life is, or to define what you mean by living, you will be at a loss. It is just as if you taste something delicious; you know the taste, but is there any way to say what it is, how it is? The only way is for the other person to taste it. No explanation can help.

The man who has never tasted sweets.you cannot explain to him what sweetness is. You can bring all your articulateness, but you cannot explain a simple thing, sweetness. The only way is to offer him some sweets. That’s what the masters have been doing all along. Rather than telling you what sweetness is, they offer it to you to taste. They themselves are offering their own being, their own presence for you to taste it.