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Chapter 5: Can a Circle Be More Circular?

At your very center of being

is the door to the Kingdom of God.

You don’t have to even open it,

it is open, it is waiting.

Come in.

You are always welcome.

Come in!

Rupesh, give the beat.


Everybody falls dead.

Let your body breathe;

relax totally so that you can move

even deeper into your being.

Have the taste of this tremendous silence,

feel the beatitude of this moment.

This is what I have called

the quantum leap from mind to no-mind.

Rupesh, call the dead back to life. Give the drum a good beat.


One more.


Come back, fresh and alive,

coming from the innermost sources

of your life and consciousness.

Fresh and fragrant,

fearless and free,

just pure individuals

as existence has wanted you to be.

Can we celebrate?