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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Path of Yoga

When mind ceases you are established in your witnessing self. In other states except this there are identifications. And all identifications constitute the sansar; they are the world. If you are in the identifications you are in the world, in the misery. If you have transcended the identifications you are liberated. You have become a siddha, you are in nirvana. You have transcended this world of misery and entered the world of bliss.

And that world is here and now - right now, this very moment! You need not wait for even a single moment. Just become a witness of the mind and you have entered. Get identified with the mind and you have missed. This is the basic definition.

Remember everything, because later on, in other sutras, we will go into details about what is to be done, how it is to be done.

But always keep in mind that this is the foundation: one has to achieve a state of no-mind, that is the goal.

Enough for today.