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Chapter 7: No-Mind

How does watching lead to no-mind? I am more and more able to watch my body, my thoughts and feelings and this feels beautiful. But moments of no thoughts are few and far between. When I hear you saying, “Meditation is witnessing,” I feel I understand. But when you talk about no-mind, it doesn’t sound easy at all. Would you please comment?

Meditation covers a very long pilgrimage. When I say, “meditation is witnessing,” it is the beginning of meditation. And when I say, “meditation is no-mind,” it is the completion of the pilgrimage. Witnessing is the beginning, and no-mind is the fulfillment. Witnessing is the method to reach to no-mind. Naturally you will feel witnessing is easier. It is close to you.

But witnessing is only like seeds, and then is the long waiting period. Not only waiting, but trusting that this seed is going to sprout, that it is going to become a bush; that one day the spring will come and the bush will have flowers. No-mind is the last stage of flowering.

Sowing the seeds is of course very easy; it is within your hands. But bringing forth the flowers is beyond you. You can prepare the whole ground, but the flowers will come on their own accord; you cannot manage to force them to come. The spring is beyond your reach - but if your preparation is perfect, spring comes; that is absolutely guaranteed.

The way you are moving is perfectly good. Witnessing is the path and you are starting to feel, once in a while, a thought-less moment. These are glimpses of no-mind.but just for a moment.

Remember one fundamental law: that which can exist just for a moment can also become eternal - because you are given not two moments together, but always one moment. And if you can transform one moment into a thought-less state, you are learning the secret. Then there is no hindrance to changing the second moment, which will also come alone with the same potential and the same capacity.

If you know the secret you have the master key, which can open every moment into a glimpse of no-mind. No-mind is the final stage: when mind disappears forever and the thoughtless gap becomes your intrinsic reality. If these few glimpses are coming, they show you are on the right path and you are using the right method.

But don’t be impatient. Existence needs immense patience. The ultimate mysteries are opened only to those who have immense patience.

I am reminded.. In old Tibet it was customary, respectful, that every family should contribute to the great experiment of expanding consciousness. So the first child of each family was given to the monasteries to be trained in meditation. Perhaps no country has done such a vast experiment in consciousness.

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