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Chapter 10: The Ostrich Argument

If this man had any sense of dignity he would have resigned, because he was chosen for a simple program. He was not chosen - the program was chosen, and because he has dropped the program he should resign immediately. These politicians seem to be so shameless, with no dignity, with no honor, with no self-respect.

He wanted me to stay in Spain, but the problem was the American pressure. For one month he went on postponing. He informed me that I should not leak the news that Spain had invited me, because the royal family of Spain, the prime minister, the president, the cabinet - they would all be at the airport to receive me. I was going to be their invited guest, so they would proclaim the date and time, and they would inform me.

But slowly, slowly he saw that if forty-five percent of the people can vote against him, then to bring a man like me into the country is dangerous because these young people are bound to be influenced by me.

The parliament decided that I should be welcomed, the cabinet decided that I should be welcomed, but finally the prime minister informed me that it would not be possible - politically it would be difficult.

I know the difficulty; the difficulty came after the referendum. And I have been telling John every day that if any decision has to be taken, it should be taken before the referendum. After the referendum I don’t see any hope, because once the prime minister sees how many people can vote against him, he will not be courageous enough to invite a person who can influence his people.

This is the fear, and the fear is now almost all over the world, in every country - strange fears. In this small, beautiful country, I was told that we should not mention that we have one million sannyasins around the world and three million sympathizers, because that may become a fear - this country has only three million people, and they would not like such a powerful man in the country, who has four million people around the world who love him.

The country should be proud to have someone.and I am not a political person, I am not going to have any political contest with anybody; but still, fear is fear. All these powerful people are deep down very inferior and very fearful. They go on thinking.the only thing in their minds is power, what can enhance their power and what can destroy their power. And they put conditions..

The president of Greece was willing for me to have a commune in Greece, and in fact he wanted it. His reasons were different - that it would bring thousands of tourists and that it would boost the economy. In fact he was the cause that I was allowed a four-week visa for Greece.

But then the condition came in, that if I wanted to stay there and make a commune, I should remember a few things: “The Greek Orthodox Church is respected by our constitution; you cannot criticize it. The family is our foundation; you cannot criticize it. Our code of morality; you cannot criticize it. We believe in virginity; you cannot criticize it.”

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