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Chapter 1: You Are Always on the Funeral Pyre

A self can die. The no-self cannot die. If there is something, it can be destroyed. That’s why Buddha says there is nothing inside you - you are a pure nothing. That nothing cannot be destroyed. And once you have understood it, that death cannot destroy, that this nothingness is in itself so beautiful, there is no need to go on stuffing it with money, power, prestige, fame. This nothingness is so pure and so innocent and so beautiful that you are blessed in it. You start dancing in that nothingness. That nothingness starts a dance. Buddha hints you towards that dance.

When Buddha was dying, Ananda started crying and he said, “What will I do now? You are leaving and I have not yet become enlightened.”

Buddha said, “Don’t cry, because I cannot make you enlightened - only you can do that miracle to yourself. Be a light unto yourself - appa deepo bhava.”

Buddha throws humanity into the interiormost core. Buddha says: Go within - and there is nowhere else to go. You are the shrine. Go within. And there is no other God anywhere to worship. The more you move inwards, the more a worshipping consciousness will arise - without any object for worship; a prayer will arise, not addressed to anybody. A pure prayer.out of bliss, out of being, out of inner benediction.

Enough for today.